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Return & Exchange Policy

Our promise is on making available reliable herbal products that serves humanity and promote healthy which will subsequently reduce illness and death rate among human across the globe. We are dedicated to providing reliable and trustworthy products which are made from a clean environment under the scrutiny and administration of a professional herbalists. Therefore, we can boldly ascertain that our products are standard are nothing short of our product description and potency. Our return policy is as below.

Due to innate hesitation attach to sales of herbal medicine online, we understand and respect every opinion of our buyers. We implore you to go to our product description when you see a product that is likely to meet your need [s], this will help to clear your doubts and also help your decision making on the purchase. You are to pay attention to the allergies and likely counter-reaction of the product you are about to purchase. This are necessary information provided in the product description section. The constituents [ingredients] are well written on the products so as to inform against any allergies or toxic element that my not suits your health status.

We advise you to be meticulous before purchase. On this note we are not open to any return obligation on any of our products due to the sensitivity of our products and present COVID-19 restrictions.