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Finest Herbal Shop Sea Moss Gel

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This product is made from extract from organically grown sea miss. It professionally blend with silky smooth fruit gel. Handmade with natural ingredients sources from the Caribbean, Jamaican precisely. Get your body needed vitamins and minerals from each application from our sea moss product.

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Sea Moss
Irish Sea Moss
Mason Jar
And, organic sea moss gel

Why should you choose Finest Herbal Shop Sea Moss


Our Sea Moss is carefully handmade to maintain its organic potency to help body wellness.

It is affordable and effective.

It is made from a clean and medical sterile environment.

Our ingredients are 100% organic.

Finest Herbal Shop sea moss gels is packed with ice packs and shipped to maintain the right lower temperature when shipping.

Caution: Consider consulting your medical adviser before taking this product to understand your body status. If you are pregnant or allergic to any of the ingredients please kindly use our other products.

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